Woman Recalls Being Attacked by Rape Suspect Freed After 30 Years

George Perrot, 50, served 30 years behind bars for the sexual assault of a 78-year-old woman he says he did not commit

A Massachusetts man freed from prison after serving three decades for a rape he says he did not commit pleaded not guilty earlier this week to new rape charges. Now, a victim who said she was also assaulted by George Perrot is breaking her silence for the first time.

Alissa Griffin said she woke up covered in blood on a sidewalk in Andover back in May of 2018 after being beaten by Perrot. She said she was dating the 51-year-old at the time and they got into an argument while walking from a fast-food restaurant to a friend's apartment.

"I felt something hit the back of my head, and then I could feel my skull showing," Griffin said. "It was protruding out of my head."

Griffin was hospitalized and had to have 10 staples in her head. According to the police report, they were both under the influence of alcohol and had been kicked of a hotel before the assault. Perrot was charged with assault and battery. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to serve three years in prison.

According to the police report, he told the officers who arrested him in Andover, "I'm not going back for another 30 years." It was a reference to the time Perrot spent behind bars for the rape of an elderly woman in Springfield.

He was freed in 2016 due to flawed evidence.

"The attention he got for being exonerate made it seem like he's a really good person, and people need to know that he's not," Griffin said.

Griffin said she was sad, but not surprised, to see Perrot was back in court this week, accused of raping an unconscious woman on a sidewalk in Lawrence. Perrot was still on probation for assaulting Griffin when the alleged rape occurred. He pleaded not guilty in Salem Superior Court on Monday and is being held without bail. His attorney has denied the allegations.

Griffin said she hopes Perrot will have to serve more time behind bars this time. She is already worried about what could happen if he is released.

"I definitely fear that he'd hurt more people," Griffin said. "He's definitely capable of it."

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