Mayor Walsh: Stop Leaving Threats Over Space Savers

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says no changes will be made to the city's space saver program, but that he's disappointed in the threatening notes some people are leaving behind. 

A report Thursday said Walsh was considering getting rid of the program, where people place a variety of items in shoveled-out parking spots to try and keep ownership of the space, after some threats were found on cars and space savers. 

"Please be respectful of your neighbors--we all share these streets and our City," Walsh said in a tweet Thursday afternoon. "No threats will be tolerated."

Items like older computer monitors, corn hole tables and paintings were among some of the space savers seen in the city following the historic snowstorm that dumped more than a foot of snow on Boston last week. 

Boston city officials are reminding residents that space savers are only allowed for 48 hours after a snow emergency is declared.

Following last week's storm, the ability to use a space saver expired Sunday afternoon.

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