1st Measurable New England Snowfall to Continue Overnight

The first measurable snowfall for New England metropolitan region continues overnight.

During the day we had intermittent snow adding up a few inches, with rain mixed at the shore. But darkness brings a little bit more intensity, and colder air, allowing for snow to accumulate a bit more rapidly, with icy roads overnight.

We doubt New England gets as much snow as the suburbs north of Atlanta, where 11 inches fell in Dallas, Georgia, the most in 25 years.

Most of the inland area of New England is picking up about 5 or 6 inches, with a more dense 2 or 3 inches at the shore, and mostly rain on Cape Cod. In western and northern Vermont, the snow is mostly a miss, so we just have a few flurries.

For most of the region, if you do not have to travel this evening, that would be best. Even where it rains tonight, it may snow early in the morning, with icy conditions developing.

One thing about this snow, not much wind, more of festive snow unless you have to drive very far.

The sun will work it's way out tomorrow for some minor melting, a pretty December day with sun and clouds and fresh snow cover. Breezes will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph adding a chill, high temperature in the 30s.

The weather pattern remains loaded though, with another front coming through tomorrow night and a chance of a few snow showers into early Monday.

Another more vigorous system comes at us on Tuesday with a chance of more snow. That one also has a bit of rain at the coast, likely changing to snow. It's a situation Tuesday where a storm is actually developing right over New England, the question is "how fast?"

We will have to fine-tune the timing, but the early estimate is for a double digit snowfall possible on the ski areas of Northern New England, and another coating of snow for areas that are getting the most out of this one.

Either way, much colder air is working on the backside Wednesday with a high temperature only in the 10s and 20s, wind gusting from the north at 20 to 40 mph. We may get a little day off on Thursday, but very cold with high temperature in the 20s. Then another fast-moving system brings a layer of snow for our Friday.

If we had up all of these events, most of New England gets close to a foot of snow all together by next weekend. There's very little change to this weather pattern in the near future, odds of a white Christmas are pretty high for most of New England.

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