Meet USA’s World Cup Rock Stars

Meet the nine standout players on Team USA who have the tattoos, talent and toughness to win big in Rio.

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Tattooed, tough, and incredibly talented, meet nine of Team USA's standout players. Get to know their lesser-known hobbies, pre-game rituals, and lives beyond the soccer field.
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Clint Dempsey, 31, the team's captain, is literally a rock star. Or, more accurately, a hip hop artist. One of Dempsey's passions off the soccer field is recording music. Under his musical alias, "Deuce," Dempsey, along with fellow Texas rappers XO and the late Houston rapper Big Hawk from the collective Screwed Up Click, rapped in the song "Don't Tread" in a Nike soccer advertising campaign for the 2006 World Cup. The song's video is dedicated to his late sister Jennifer, who, at age 16, was struck with a fatal brain aneurysm. At Dempsey's request, the video ends with a shot of him placing a flower at her grave.
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Goalie Tim Howard, 35, lets his tattoos tell much of his story. Among the body art covering his flesh are tattoos of the names of his children on his ribs and wrist, as well as tattoos of Superman’s logo, his mother’s name, dragons and Chinese characters that represent God, family, faith, health, and happiness. Born in North Brunswick, New Jersey, Howard was diagnosed with Tourrette syndrome in the sixth grade, but he has never let his diagnosis hold him back.
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Chris “Wondo” Wondolowski, 31, is the team warrior. He is half Native American through his mother, and is a proud member of the Kiowa tribe. He has the Native American name, "Badai," meaning "warrior coming over the hill," tattooed on his body. He plays striker for the San Jose Earthquakes.
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Don't underestimate the guy with the dreadlocks. Kyle Beckerman, 32, a bookworm and U.S. history buff, is particularly interested in the American frontier but knew he wanted to be a professional soccer player since he was a kid. He used to leave his mother notes around the house to let her know he was with a friend or out playing soccer, always signing the notes with his carefully practiced autograph and the words "USA #15." Beckerman plays midfield for Real Salt Lake in Major League Soccer.
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Midfielder Mikkel “Mix” Diskerud, 23 is known as the team's quirky goofball. His mother coined his nickname, Mix, because as a kid he was always running around the house like a "mixmaster," often in his Barney the dinosaur costume that his mother forbid him from wearing to school. He loves to juggle anything, including soccer balls, basketballs and golf balls. Diskerud, a Norwegian-American who plays for Rosenborg BK, started his own hashtag #randomjuggling for people to post videos of themselves juggling around the world.
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Omar Gonzalez, 25, plays to win, and not just on the soccer field. His affinity for playing Words with Friends, under the username Omar4Gonzalez, is well known among his fans. Gonzalez met his wife, Erica, first as an opponent on Words with Friends. They struck up a chat conversation during their game, one thing led to another, and after four years of dating, they married in March in a simple ceremony at Los Angeles City Hall. Gonzalez plays defender for the LA Galaxy.
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Boston boy Geoff Cameron, 28, can take the heat on the field and in the kitchen. He jokingly calls himself "The next Emeril," in likeness to his favorite celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse. Off the field Cameron enjoys cooking and is particularly skilled at making rice pilaf and chicken balsamic reduction, or his signature spiced sirloin steak topped with a little brown sugar. His ritual before every game includes a phone call with his dad.
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Goalie, Brad Guzan, 29. affectionately nicknamed the "Polar Bear," admits he's tough on the outside but a softie deep down. He started dating his wife in high school, and asked her to prom the old-fashioned way, with a note on her car hr surrounded with rose petals. He plays for the English Premier League club Aston Villa.
Seattle Sounders' DeAndre Yedlin, 20, has world-famous hair. To his delight, Jimmy Fallon gave him the Late Night Superlative, "most likely to be Rihanna."
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