Meet Your Lyft Driver: Gronk

Would you recognize Rob Gronkowski if he were sitting a few inches to your left?

It took some Lyft passengers a little while. The star tight end disguised himself and went undercover as a driver for the ridesharing company.

"Hey there," he said soft-spokenly, making small talk with one of his fares.

He told one man he loved researching space and had studied astrophysics in school.

"E=MC2," he told a man who identified himself as a teacher. "Like, easy."

Explaining his astrophysics background to another man, Gronk listed what he knows.

"Like, black holes. Planets. Pluto," he said.

Wearing two different wigs under a baseball cap, shielded by shades and dressed in a sweater, Gronk seemed to have fun once football came up.

"I can name all the players," he told one woman, who said she was not a sports fan. "Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, David Andrews, center -- nobody knows the centers. I know them all ... I'm the biggest fan ever."

Gronk told another woman he wanted to meet Tom Brady.

"Yeah, but he's married," she said. "So he's like, off limits, you know?"

"I mean, I'm not trying to get with him," Gronk replied. "I just want to meet him."

One man said he had, in fact, met Gronk.

"A bar downtown, called Society on High," he said.

"You did not meet him at Society on High," Gronk answered.

"Dude, I was not at Society on High!" he proceeded to shout as he removed his sunglasses, hat and wig.

After revealing his identity, Gronk took selfies with fans and taught them to spike a football.

"The wig's pretty sexy," a passenger told him. "You should probably wear it during the game."

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