Member of ‘Chicken Coop’ Gang Sentenced for Crack Cocaine Distribution

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A member of the "Chicken Coop" gang in Hartford has been sentenced to six years for distributing crack cocaine, the federal prosecutor's office said.

Courtney Byrd, aka "Buck", 32, of Hartford, was found guilty of distributing 98 grams of crack cocaine to someone discreetly working with law enforcement, the U.S. attorney's office said. 

On Mar. 15, 2015, Byrd led police twice on high speed chases in East Hartford and Hartford. During the second chase, Byrd hit a pedestrian and caused the victim suffer from a broken leg. The prosecutor's office said Byrd had a 6-year-old child in the car during the chase.

Almost two weeks later, Byrd was arrested while selling an ounce of crack cocaine to someone working with law enforcement.

In Aug., Byrd pled guilty to one count of crack cocaine distribution. 

Byrd is part of a street gang known as the "Chicken Coop" in Hartford. Police and community members work to reduce gun violence by meeting with groups like "Chicken Coop" -- who are prone to violence-- face-to-face in what's known as the Project Longevity. The U.S. attorney's office said the prosecution stemmed from this project but the details were not clear. 

Five additional members of the "Chicken Coop" gang are being prosecuted in Connecticut's federal court for drug trafficking and firearm offenses and another five are being prosecuted in state court for assaults and drug offenses. 

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