Meriden Dentist Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients

A Meriden dentist is accused of sexually assaulting three patients as they underwent procedures at his office, according to Meriden police.

Dr. Jeffrey Krahling, a 51-year-old Wallingford man who works at 12 Curtis St., Suite 14, in Meriden was arrested on Oct. 28 and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault in the most recent of three cases.

Police said this is the third time Krahling has been charged with sexual assault – he was previously charged on Sept. 2 and Sept. 22.

According to the state's judicial branch website, the incidents happened on Jan. 18, April 12 and May 29.

NBC Connecticut went to Krahling's dental office and his home on Wednesday, Nov. 2, but there was no answer at either. 

Arrest warrant applications detail the allegations against the dentist and one victim went to police in April and told them that Krahling wrapped his legs around her head while she was in his office a couple of days earlier to have a crown filled and began “grinding” on the top of her head. Then he started breathing heavily and moaning, according to the arrest warrant application.

When the hygienist walked into the room, Krahling quickly moved his chair away from the patient, the arrest warrant application says.   

On Sept. 8, one of Krahling’s patients went to Meriden Police after seeing article about sex assault charges filed against him and said she believed she was a victim as well. 

In an interview days later, she told police that she went to the dentist in January and he “grinded” against her shoulder, stepped away when the hygienist came in, then resumed the same lewd behavior and told her he wanted to give her “the prettiest smile possible,” according to the police report.

On Sept. 26, another patient who said she’d seen a report that Krahling had been charged with sexual assault went to police to report that the dentist pushed his genitals against her face while she was having a tooth pulled, the arrest warrant application says. 

She said it happened after he gave her something to make her sleepy and not feel any pain. 

Krahling was released on a $100,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 21, but his case has been continued to Jan. 18, 2017.

Officials from the state Department of Public Health said Krahling has an active license.

Police also said Krahling pleaded guilty to a DWI in Wallingford last year, according to court documents, and has violated probation in the past.

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