‘Whole House Was an Inferno': Truck Crashes Into Millbury Home, Causing It to Erupt in Flames

The family's black lab Koda is missing following the fire

A pickup truck crashed into a home in Millbury, Massachusetts, overnight causing the house to erupt in flames. 

Millbury Fire says the truck severed the gas meter as it struck the home on Grafton Street around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. 

“I was getting ready to go to bed and I heard a boom and that’s when I went upstairs and I looked outside from the second floor window and the whole house was just an inferno,” neighbor Karen Debaros said.

The pickup drove right through Debaros' yard before crashing into her neighbor's house.

"We had a sign there for the garage. He took down the sign. Then he went right across into the house," she said.

A pickup truck crashed into a home in Milbury, Massachusetts overnight Saturday causing the home to erupt in flames.

Debaros says 911 arrived within "seconds."

Responding firefighters checked on everyone inside as witnesses capturing video questioned if the family inside made it out safe.

Authorities say the driver was not hurt and everyone in the home did get out safetly. The family's home did suffer extensive damage.

"I'm just glad everyone in the house is OK," Debaros said.

The family's black lab named Koda is missing, however. They have been walking throughout town all day trying to find him and they do believe he is still out there.

Millbury, Mass. family's black lab, named Koda, is missing following a house fire.
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