Mild Day With Scattered Showers

We're looking at a few more hours of record warmth, then possible thunderstorms and colder air.

A storm system traveling through Ontario continues to draw warmer air in from the south today. The difference from yesterday is we have less sunshine in the wind and more of a southerly, then westerly component. This brings the influence of the colder Atlantic ocean into play, so we are not quite as warm as yesterday. But records from 1985, 1976, and 1930 are being challenged.

Some places are very foggy, other places have sunshine, most of us are in a mix of clouds and sunshine with a high temperature well into the 60s away from the ocean. The exception is along the shore and in northern Maine where temperatures are a bit cooler.

There are a few scattered showers, but most of the day is dry.

A powerful cold front crosses the Hudson river valley toward New England just after sunset. The potential exists for some heavy thunderstorms west of the Connecticut River by 8 p.m.

Thunderstorms and western New England are diminishing to moderate rain showers in eastern New England toward midnight.

In Vermont, rain changes to snow this evening with mountain roads becoming slushy and snow covered by 9 p.m.

The farther we go south and east the less rain that is expected, rainfall amounts range from only a 10th of an inch around southeastern Massachusetts, to more than a half inch in western and far northern New England.

Even though temperatures are on the fall late tonight, rivers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine will continue to rise with localized river flooding possible.

Tomorrow looks like a pretty day with more sunshine than clouds, high temperature in the 40s, cooler in northern New England. Some of the tallest ski areas are windy and very cold with the temperature in the 20s. Wind for most of us is out of the northwest at 25 mph in the morning, diminishing in the afternoon.

Clear skies expected tomorrow night with a low temperature in the 20s to lower 30s.

A weak front near the Canadian border may trigger a few snow showers well north on Monday, otherwise it's a mix of clouds and sunshine and high temperature in the 40s.

We are right on the border between warm air in the southern United States and cold air building in southern Canada for much of the weekend to next weekend.

It's a very challenging forecast with areas of low-pressure going by, probably on the warmer and wetter side Tuesday and Wednesday, but then on the colder and perhaps whiter side Thursday and through the weekend.

Placing in timing and each individual batch of precipitation is very difficult right now. The early guess is for a rather wet Wednesday, perhaps with record warmth once again. Then for colder and dry weather early Thursday before a mix of heavier rain and snow arrives in batches late in the week and the weekend.

The deepest snow pack is behind us now, but winter is not over.

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