Miles’ 5 Worst MBTA Subway Stations

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Miles on the MBTA
","id":"457591","thumbnail_url":"","type":"image","focusedSlide":""},{"caption":""These are definitely the WORST stations on the Green Line. Yes, the E Line street-running stops are bad, but at least they have T symbols, and some have shelters! Plus, they're on wide sidewalks! I mean, with these stations, if you take a step backward a car will run you over, and if you take a step forward a train will run you over! Yeah, these stations are most definitely deserving of their bottom-of-the-barrel scores."
Miles on the MBTA
Verdict: 2/10 (From his review of Fenwood Road, Mission Park, Riverway, and Back of the Hill)n"Hey, at least some of them have shelters. That's worth an extra point, right? Geez, I must be in a good mood..."
Miles on the MBTA
Verdict: 6/10n"The station is just so... dated. Paint is chipping everywhere, the busway is a mess, the billboard frames are ugly and pointless... still, though, with the MBTA's budget problems and the West Medford extension just around the corner, a big renovation isn't necessary. Also, it's a bit annoying how only the E Line serves the station. Why is it only served by one line?"
Verdict: 5/10n"The only reason Boylston isn't getting a lower score is because of those old trolleys, which are admittedly quite cool. But as for the rest? No accessibility, no free crossovers, and no sense of aesthetics. And as for that curve? You can hear the trains screeching around it from above ground. Yes, I know the MBTA can't smooth it out, but it's so annoying. 'bout those old trolleys, huh?"
Verdict: 4/10n"This is probably one of the ugliest MBTA stations I've ever been in. It lacks the strange charm that its sister station, Symphony, has (I don't know why I like that station, but I do), and it's just really ugly. I do like the art, although a) it's almost at the very end of the platform, and b) it's very high up. I do have to give the station credit, though, for having a convenient entrance right into the Prudential. Admittedly, that entrance is far too grand for a station like this, but it's still fantastic to have."
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