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Milford School to Start School Year 3 Days Later

School officials at West Shore Middle School in Milford announced Tuesday that it will open three days later than expected due to construction. 

Classes will begin on Aug. 31, while other Milford Public Schools will begin on Aug. 28.

The school's principal, Paul Cavanna, said the delay is needed to "insure that all of the classrooms to be occupied by our students will be completely ready to receive them. The extra time will give teachers the ability to prepare their classrooms properly and for secretaries and custodians to complete their final tasks before students arrive on Thursday. Finally, the extra days will provide the necessary time to insure that all inspections have occurred and the building is approved for occupancy."

The Boys and Girls Club will allow students to come during those three days for free to help parents.

Students will have to make up the three days at the end of the year.

There will be a "sneak peek" of the school on Wednesday, Aug. 30 for parents and students between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Construction at the school began in March 2017 and more work is expected to be done throughout the year. 

Cavanna said the construction will mostly be on the other side of the building from classrooms. Work is underway at the main entrance, front pickup and drop-off loop, main office, gym and media center. 

"While this work continues, we will use the alternative pickup and drop-off procedure that was implemented in the spring of last year," Cavanna said.

Windows are also being replaced and 10 classrooms have plywood where new windows have yet to be installed. 

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