Missouri Pastor on Leave After Sexist Sermon Preaching Wives Need to Look Good for Husbands

'I don’t think women understand how important it is for a man to have a beautiful woman on his arm,' the pastor said from the pulpit

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A Missouri pastor is on leave after a video emerged of him preaching that wives should strive to be thin, made up, well-dressed and satisfying in the bedroom to keep their husbands interested because "God made men to be drawn to beautiful women," NBC News reports.

"I want you to know a need that your man has that he won’t ever tell you about, but since I’m the preacher man, I’ll say it: Your man needs an attractive wife," First General Baptist Church Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark said from the pulpit at the start of the sermon, according to a video posted to Facebook.

The date and intended audience of the sermon are unclear.

A statement posted by First General Baptist Church's deacon ministry team said that "as of March 2, 2021, Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark has taken a leave of absence and is seeking professional counseling."

Clark did not respond to multiple requests for comment from NBC News.

Read the full story at NBCNews.com.

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