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Mother Who Gave Birth on a Plane Thanks First Responders Who Delivered Baby

"I just pushed once and the baby girl came out crying," Liliana Castañeda said of her daughter, Analia, who was born on a Delta Air Lines flight

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A mother who gave birth to her first child on an airplane was reunited just days before Thanksgiving with the first responders who helped her safely deliver the baby.

Liliana Castañeda and her husband, Edgar Acevedo, were on a Delta Air Lines flight heading home to North Carolina from Mexico on Nov. 14 when Castañeda started having contractions. Her water broke an hour into the flight.

A nurse on board helped Castañeda for more than three hours until the plane landed at the Atlanta International Airport.

Castañeda was expecting her baby to arrive on Dec. 23, "but she came out early," the mother told WRAL, NBC's affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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