Murder Victim’s Mother Files Restraining Order Against Daughter’s Boyfriend

Jeremy Winslow, 34, was with his girlfriend, 34-year-old Tanya Hall, when she was fatally shot on Saturday

The mother of a woman who was shot and killed over the weekend in New Hampshire has filed a restraining order against her daughter's boyfriend, saying she is concerned he will try to take custody of the victim's young child.

Jeremy Winslow was with Tanya Hall when she was shot to death outside ManchVegas Bar and Grill in Manchester Saturday night. Justin Moura was charged with murder in the case.

Court documents show that Hall's mother filed a restraining order against Winslow, who she says contacted her no fewer than 14 times since the day after her daughter's death. She said she was afraid Winslow would try to take custody of Hall's son.

After the shooting, Winslow gave reporters a lengthy account of Hall's death. During the interview, Winslow referenced the boy several times.

"Her little boy thinks I am his dad. He's not my son," Winslow said. "I love him just the same."

"I am very concerned of what Jeremy would do if he made contact with my grandson, who is only 18 months old," Hall's mother wrote in the restraining order. "I also fear for my safety."

Documents show Winslow's criminal history includes several convictions for stalking and domestic violence. Thursday, authorities announced he had been arrested on charges stemming from the investigation into Hall's death. He is accused of possessing cocaine and driving with a suspended license when Hall was shot in his Jeep.

Winslow is not a suspect in the murder case, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office said.

Just days before the murder, Winslow was also arrested in Bedford on a warrant for failing to appear in court on a motor vehicle charge.

NBC10 Boston tried to reach Hall's mother for comment but has not yet heard back.

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