Nashua Attempts to Beat the Heat

As temperatures are expected to soar up to 96 degrees today in Nashua, NH, the city has recommended residents take precautions. They've also added a service to help residents beat the rising temperatures and humidity.

Nashua opened up five city pools and a splash pad for their residents to find relief. As well as opening four public cooling centers tomorrow and through the week.

Along with that they came up with a new idea they are going to try out Sunday for the first time. It’s called the “cool bus”. And it does exactly what it sounds like: Keeps you cool. The bus will come pick you up wherever you are you just have to call the number 603-880-0100. A bus will come pick you up starting at 11 a.m. and bring you to the Pheasant Lane Mall.

The director of emergency management in Nashua wants to remind people not to leave your kids or pets in the car. When the temperature is 96 degrees that means it can get up to 114 degrees in the car in just 10 minutes.

“We have seen an uptick in heat related injuries. Heat related deaths are preventable, so we wanted to come up with some new ways to keep people safe,” said Justin Kates, emergency management director.

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