2 Drivers Speak Out After Road Rage Incident Caught on Camera

Two drivers are telling their stories Tuesday about a disturbing road rage incident in New Hampshire that was caught on cell phone camera.

Lisa Caruso admits she was driving slow in Nashua and thinks that angered the driver behind her, identified as 28-year-old Ricardo Montanez of Hudson.

"I beeped at her," said Montanez. "She gave me the finger."

Montanez passed Caruso, and at the next light, he says he got out of his car to confront her.

"I said to her, 'What's your problem?' She opened her window and was yelling at me, calling me an [expletive]," said Montanez, who said Caruso used racial slurs.

Caruso says she never gave him the finger or used any racial slurs. She says she didn't even roll down her window to respond.

Both drivers claim their vehicle was hit by the other driver during the confrontation.

Caruso says she then got out of her car.

"And then I went over to him, to his window, to say 'Don't leave, I have a picture of your plate, don't try to take off,'" said Caruso.

Next thing she knew, Montanez hopped out of his vehicle.

"And that's when he popped out and just throttled me," said Caruso, who was shoved into the snow.

Montanez says he was just protecting himself because Caruso was banging on his window with her keys and tried to open up his car door.

"No, No, I most certainly would not bang on anybody's window with my keys," said Caruso. "I definitely would not open up someone's door."

Montanez claims when he got back into his car, Caruso punched him in the back.

She say that's impossible because he was already in his car by the time she could get back up.

Montanez is charged with assault.

"I'm sorry to the lady it happened," said Montanez. "I hope she's sorry, as well. We were both in the wrong."

Caruso is not facing any charges.

"I just honestly wish it never happened," said Caruso. "My advice to him — anger management."

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