Shell Out Less for More on National Taco Day

Taco Bell, Rubio's, and other taquerias will raise a stuffed tortilla to the mouth-watering holiday

What to Know

  • Friday, Oct. 4
  • Del Taco will offer a free Del Taco and Beyond Taco with any purchase
  • On the Border has endless tacos for $8.99

As gifts from the grub-based side of life's grand buffet go, the taco is the perfect present.

It has its own wrapping paper, a tortilla, soft or hard, and you can eat it. It has good things found inside of its wrapping, also edible, and those tasty bits can run the gourmet gamut, from carne asada to chicken to spicy squash to cheesy nums.

And this gift? It's a gift you can give yourself, at any time of the day, including breakfast, when those aforementioned cheesy nums are usually melted into eggs.

Oct. 4 is, then, one of the giftiest days of the year, as far as the cuisine calendar is concerned. No guessing required: It's National Taco Day, and finding flavor-packed shells or soft corny wraps won't be too difficult. 

Also not difficult? Saving dough on a taco. That's pretty much year 'round, but National Taco Day makes it even more possible.

Stopping by Rubio's Coastal Grill on Oct. 4? Order a beverage and score a complimentary taco. The good-to-know part? You'll need a coupon to seal this deal.

Want to treat a friend? Taco Bell has a National Taco Day gift set, for five dollars, plus an additional 50 cents. It's only available on Oct. 4, and it involves a pair of Crunchy Tacos and two Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos.

If you're Vegan or just want to a free taco, head to Del Taco for a free Del Taco AND a free Beyond Taco or Beyond Avocado Taco with any purchase on Oct. 4. Get the coupons in the app.

If one taco is just not enough, dine-in at On the Border for endless tacos for $8.99. You can choose between hard or soft shell tacos and chicken or ground beef.

If BOGO is more your style, Baja Fresh has a Buy One, Get One taco free deal. Just be sure to present the barcode posted on their Instagram to redeem.

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