WATCH: Two Navy Ships Narrowly Avoid Head-On Crash in San Diego Bay

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Two US Navy ships — USS Momsen and USS Harpers Ferry — came a little too close for comfort Tuesday morning as they passed each other in San Diego Bay.

The incident between North Island's Ammunition Pier and the west end of Shelter Island was captured on webcam and prompted a Naval investigation.

In a safety book for boaters, The U.S. Coast Guard advises that when vessels are headed toward each other, port-to-port passing, or passing on the right so that each vessel's port sides are closest, is advised.

Tuesday's encounter saw Momsen and Harpers Ferry do the opposite, apparently out of necessity.

Radio traffic between USS Momsen, a guided-missile destroyer, and USS Harpers Ferry, a dock landing ship, starts out with a USS Momsen crewmember asking USS Harpers Ferry to confirm if it was planning a port-to-port passing.

USS Harpers Ferry's crew begins to respond but stops, then USS Momsen advises, "We are coming to port to avoid you." Harpers Ferry quickly radios back to Momsen advising, "We are coming to port to avoid you as well."

The webcam footage shows both ships veer to port, or to the left, and their starboard sides nearly brush against each other.

"Both ships maneuvered to safety," said Lt. Sam Boyle of U.S. Third Fleet. "There were no injuries or damage to the ships as a result of those maneuvers. The incident is under investigation."

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