NBC10 Responds: Dealing With Sam’s Club Closure

The Sam’s Warehouse Club in Worcester was the only one in the state, and when it closed suddenly in January, members like Shirley Ferrelli were stuck.

“I’ve been a member since the 90’s of Sam’s Club, and I’ve always enjoyed shopping there, and of course they closed, and there is no one near us,” Ferrelli said.

Ferelli's daughter, Ti, reached out to Sam’s and requested a refund for the $45 membership fee her mother had recently paid. She says they told her a check would arrive in four to six weeks.

“I waited 8 weeks,” Ti explained. “I called, but the gentleman told me whoever you spoke with extended the membership by another six months, which makes no sense, because the closest club was 82 miles away. He said they would put it in the system and get a check sent out right away, which would have been great, except they put the wrong state on the check. Instead of putting Milford, Mass. they put Milford, Connecticut.”

Ti says the same thing happened again. She discovered another check had been sent to Milford, Connecticut. She says she made numerous calls to try to resolve the issue.

“This went on months,” Ti said.

That’s when she reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds for help.

We got in contact with a Sam’s Club representative who corrected the address issues. It took two months, but Ferrelli eventually got her $45 refund.

A Sam’s Club spokesperson tells us: “We are very sorry this happened. We’re happy the Ferrelli’s received her refund and we apologize for the delay.”

“I am very happy and I am very grateful to you, because without you, I don’t believe we would have ever received the check,” Ferrelli said. “It might be nothing to them, but $45 to me is a lot. Thanks to you, I finally got my money, and I’m very grateful to you.”

If you were impacted by the local Sam’s Club closure, and still have an active membership, you can reach out to Sam’s customer service to inquire about a refund.

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