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NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Jamestown Community Center

Please note: Our Project Innovation grant program is now NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants


Q. My organization has yet to file a 990, are we eligible?

A 990 form is required to apply for the NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants program.

Q. My organization's total expenses fell short of $100,000, is there any way we can still apply?

The organization must have total expenses between $100,000 and $1,000,000 to apply for the NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants program.

Q. If my organization is located near an NBC and/or Telemundo station and serves the zip codes listed in the eligibility criteria, is my organization eligible to apply?

The address listed on the organization's 990 must be located within one of 11 participating NBCUniversal Local designated market areas (DMA) to apply for the NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants program. Please see a list of participating zip codes HERE.

Q. My organization has been in existence and in operation for less than one year, but will have hit the one year mark in April 2023, is my organization eligible?

The organization must have been in existence for at least one year from the date you submitted the application. Applications close at 7:59:59 PM ET Friday, April 21, 2023.

Q. Can my school's foundation apply for a grant?

All schools, educational institutions and their affiliated fundraising entities and foundations (including pre-school, elementary, secondary and universities) are not eligible to apply. Fiscally sponsored schools are not eligible.

Q. My organization doesn't fall into one of the three (3) categories, can I apply in an "other" category?

This program is only awarding grants in the following three focus areas: Youth Education and Empowerment, Next Generation Storytellers, and Community Engagement.

Q. My organization has received $5,000 annually from Comcast NBCUniversal, can we apply for this program?

Yes. If your organization has received less than $10,000 in cash or grant funding per year within any of the past three (3) years from Comcast NBCUniversal, NBCUniversal Local or Telemundo you are eligible to apply.

Q. My organization is affiliated with a national organization that has received more than $10,000 in cash or grant funding from Comcast NBCUniversal, NBCUniversal Local or Telemundo in the past three (3) years, but not my local chapter. Is my local chapter eligible?

We will verify any past support by your organization's Tax ID number. Each Tax ID number must not have received cash or grant funding from Comcast NBCUniversal or an NBC and Telemundo television station in an amount equal to or exceeding $10,000 per year, within any of the past three (3) years, regardless of the program.

Q. My organization won a Project Innovation grant a few years ago. Can we apply for this grant program?

Organizations that won a Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation grant between 2012 and 2020 are eligible to apply this year if they fall within the eligibility criteria.

Q. If my organization won a Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation grant between 2021 and 2023, am I eligible to apply for a NBCUniversal Local Impact Grant grant?

Organizations that won a Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation grant between 2021 and 2023 are not eligible to apply for this year's grant program.

Q. In the application portal, I am seeing "Not Eligible" instead of the "Create Application" button. What am I doing wrong?

Please read the instructions on the application portal – on the home page - to ensure you have taken the appropriate steps to confirm eligibility for the program.


Q. I work for a nonprofit with multiple locations or chapters, how does my organization/local chapter apply?

NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants will only award one grant per Tax ID number, across all 11 markets. If your organization shares a Tax ID number, please coordinate internally as only one application across all markets will be accepted for consideration as a finalist for a grant.

Q. I am not able to fill in EIN information – how can I search for my organization's information?

You first need to click "Search IRS Database." Once you do, search only using the EIN number without the hyphen. You should not enter your organization name or address in the search fields. If the organization EIN is not found, that means your organization is not eligible according to the IRS database. We are unable to override this registration function. Any questions about the IRS database listing should be directed to the IRS.

Q. How can I improve my chances of receiving a grant?

The grant application process is competitive; proposals will be assessed based on your innovative programs, commitment to a culture of inclusion, as well as the overall strength of your application.

Q. How will my application be reviewed?

Judging consists of two rounds of evaluation. In round one, an initial review panel will assess the proposals and select the top finalists based on local community impact, overall strength of the application, and other criteria. The finalists will proceed to round two, where the local NBC and Telemundo stations' selection panel will identify between three (3) and eight (8) winners in each participating market.

Q. How will I be contacted about the status of my proposal?

The primary contact on all successfully submitted applications will receive an email notification in August 2023.

Q. I have forgotten my password for the application site. What should I do?

On the login page, click the "Forgot Password" link and provide your email address. You will receive an email to reset your password.

Q. How do I access a saved application so that I can complete and submit it?

To save your application and return later to complete it, click "Save Draft" at the bottom of any page of the application. To return to the application, login to the site and find the application under "Applications/Grants". Click "Open" to return to the application.

Q. How should I notify you if my contact information should change after I submit my online application?

You may update your contact information by logging back into the application site and selecting your name in the upper right. From the drop-down menu, select "My Profile" to make edits. Alternatively, you can click "Contact Us" from the upper right menu and send an email with your updated information.

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