2 New England States Make Worst Road Trip Destination List

Maine snagged the 16th spot on the list for overall best summer destination, the highest rank in New England

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As kids count the days until their last class at school, parents finalize their family getaways, meaning summer is just around the corner. WalletHub created a ranking of U.S. states based on how well they can host a summer vacation, just in time for those who yet to know where to go this year.

Various New England states scored high and low on the 2018’s Best and Worst States for Summer Road Trips. Taking attractions, safety, gas prices and other costs into consideration, the list revealed surprising information on some beloved New England areas.

Source: WalletHub

Unfortunately, Rhode Island was placed last on the overall list for best summer spots, with Connecticut following closely behind.

Both states scored amongst the top five listed for priciest automobile repairs.

In addition to the costly fixings, Rhode Island also placed fourth in having the lowest total area designated as national parkland. Connecticut was also recognized for its costly camping price.

Although Wyoming scored the top spot as the overall best, Maine was branded as the 16th best state and top state for summer fun in New England. It was recognized for having the lowest cost of car repairs and having one of the fewest car thefts in the U.S.

Vermont was considered to have the fewest car thefts per capita with New Hampshire closely following.

WalletHub also offered sage advice from university officials for travellers.

JCentral Connecticut State University Director of Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Jeffrey Kreeger, suggested national parks as a great vacation spot. More affordable than theme parks but less visited, national parks make a great alternative for many, according to Kreeger.

While fast food restaurants may be a convenient and tempting stop for long distance drivers, packing a cooler is a better choice, according to Gabriella Petrick of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration. The cooler allows healthier items to be stored during timely trips and can also be used to store local goods from farmer’s markets, according to Petrick.

Whether your family prefers an exciting adventure filled with thrills or a relaxing break with a picturesque view, you can find your ideal spot in many New England hot spots.

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