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New Englanders in Florida Brace for Ian: ‘It Is Kind of Surreal'

There are local families and New England natives down in Florida riding out Hurricane Ian

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With Hurricane Ian now battering Florida, the Hungler Family from Lowell, Massachusetts, is hunkering down at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

"I am a little nervous, but I am also excited," Avery Hungler said. 

The Hunglers are in Orlando to celebrate Avery's upcoming 8th birthday. On Wednesday, they spent the afternoon fitting in as much fun as they could before a mandatory lockdown at 5 p.m.

"From 5 o'clock on we are basically in our room, up until probably Friday morning," Joe Hungler said. 

"As long as we have power I think we will have a lot of fun and will have something to talk about and as long as it doesn't get really insane," Hungler said. 

"'It is kind of surreal, it is crazy," Avery added.

The storms surge from Hurricane Ian has submerged cars and caused flooding in Naples, Florida

To the north of the Hungler family, Frank Micciantuono is also preparing to ride out the hurricane.

"I have never had a Category 3 buzz by me for sure," Micciantuono said. 

The West Bridgewater native moved to Florida a while back, and this is his first major hurricane. 

He added the power was already flickering off.

"It is probably going to be doing this all day today, going on and off, I am anxious, I just want to get it past me," he added.

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