New Englanders Race to Florida to Help Family Before Irma

While more than a million people are leaving Florida, some New Englanders are determined to beat Hurricane Irma to the Sunshine State in order to help their families who live there.

Flights to the Florida area were limited Friday as people scramble to get there before the airports close ahead of the hurricane.

Eugene Grissom came to Boston to watch the Patriots game Thursday, but instead of extending his trip, he was heading back home to Jacksonville.

"My daughter is by herself," Grissom said. "We're going to be alright, though. I know we will be. We're going to get out of there and just drive until I think we're safe."

Many travelers were heading to Florida to help their elderly family members get out before Irma.

"I'm just worried about her being stuck and stranded for over a week," John Urquhard of Billerica said. "It's just not a good scenario for someone who is 84 years old."

Kim Ring of Boston made the trip to Port St. Lucie, Florida, to help her mother earlier this week. They have not yet decided if they are going to evacuate, but she stocked up on supplies just in case they ride it out.

"We've got bedding and towels if we have to flee, and cases of water if we stay," Ring said. "It's been a crazy two days, but I can honestly say at this point, we are ready."

Ring is now trying to help others who live near her mother prepare for Hurricane Irma.

Those still trying to make it there can find discounted tickets on some airlines, but many Florida airports are announcing closings. When the wind reaches 55 mph, planes will no longer be able to fly there.

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