New Hampshire Mother, Father Facing Charges For Custodial Kidnapping

A New Hampshire mother and father are facing charges in connection with the custodial kidnapping of their 2-year-old child.

On Friday, an Amber Alert was issued for Erika Wallace, 26, of Raymond, and her son, after police say she kidnapped him during supervised visit at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester.

Manchester Police had responded to the mall's food court where they learned Joshua Wallace was in the custody of the Department of Children, Youth and Families.

The person observing the supervised visit told police she looked down at her phone, and when she looked up, both Joshua and his mother were gone.

Once the Amber Alert was issued, police said detectives conducting surveillance in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, spotted a suspicious vehicle off I-495 near a Burger King and a Motel 6 a short time later.

"He described the vehicle as not feeling right to him and the people in it so he ran the plate and it came back with an amber alert," said Tewksbury Police Detective Lt. Ryan Columbus.

They ran the plates and realized the people inside were involved in an Amber Alert.

Police then arrested Erika Wallace as well as the boy's father, Joshua Wallace, 27, and a relative, Nicolette Russell, 24.

"I was told the car was packed with suitcases. "One would believe they were going to continue on 495 — unknown where," said Columbus.

Joshua Wallace is now in the care of his foster mother.

NBC Boston spoke with the child's uncle following the arrest and said the parents had just been in court.

"They had court the other day — about two days ago — they were supposed to get the child back then, and they postponed it for another three weeks. And the kid is suffering over this, ya know," said the uncle.

Parental kidnapping, obstruction of justice and conspiracy are among the charges Erika and Joshua Wallace are facing.

Charges Russell is facing include obstruction of justice, providing a false name and social security number, and conspiracy.

It's unclear when the trio will be arraigned.

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