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Newtown PD Responds to Released FBI Sandy Hook Documents

Newtown police released a statement on Friday night in regards to FBI's Sandy Hook documents recently released to the public. 

"Newtown PD has been working closely with the FBI on verifying information on the referenced report. A comprehensive search of our records indicate that the person named in the report is not on record as ever contacting the agency in 2008 or subsequent to that date. We thank the FBI for their assistance and diligence in verifying the information," Newtown Police Chief James Viadero said in a statement on Friday.

On Tuesday, more than 1,500 pages of documents released by the FBI in connection with its investigation of the December 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 first-graders and six educators before killing himself as police arrived.

There was evidence the Newtown school shooter had an interest in children that could be categorized as pedophilia, but there was no proof he ever acted on it, according to FBI documents released Tuesday.

According to the FBI documents, an unidentified woman told the FBI that Lanza said adult-child sexual relationships could be "possibly beneficial to both parties."

The woman, who said she had an "online relationship" with Lanza for more than two years before the school shooting, said Lanza did acknowledge that adult-child sexual relationships could be "unhealthy," and he did not express any personal sexual interest in children. She said Lanza believed he might be asexual.

She also told the FBI that Lanza compiled a spreadsheet that meticulously documented hundreds of mass murders and spree killings, but she didn't believe he would carry out a mass killing. She said Lanza also believed that mass murders were a symptom of a broken society and he may have believed he was "saving" children from the "harmful influences" of adults during the school shooting.

The records also say there was evidence Lanza began contemplating the attack as early as March 2011.

"The FBI's release of investigative information on the Sandy Hook tragedy was made through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provision as required by law. However, I understand that doing so renews the anguish for the victims' families as well as for our community. Even though the documents are meant to stand on their own, I want to assure the community that all information received and allegations made before, during, and after the tragedy were thoroughly investigated," FBI Special Agent in Charge Patricia Ferrick said in a statement on Friday.

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