NH Dad’s Baby Changing Station Complaint Goes Viral

A Facebook post by a New Hampshire dad is going viral after he took to social media to share his frustration that there wasn't a changing station in the men's bathroom at a local restaurant.

Chris Mau says within 24 hours, his post had been seen by thousands of people and had touched a nerve with parents in faraway places.

"Brazil, Germany, England, this is literally worldwide," Mau told NBC10 Boston on Thursday.

Mau says he was with his family at a Portsmouth restaurant when his daughter, Kalli, started fussing.

"I did the good old, tried and true, parent smell test and discovered ... it's diaper change time," Mau said.

He took Kalli into the men's room, where he found there was no changing station. So he took out a blanket and did what he had to do, changing his daughter on the restroom floor.

"The whole time, I'm thinking, 'this is just ludicrous,'" Mau recalled.

Once he was done, he snapped a pic and took to Facebook — a decision that's sparked a passionate conversation, especially among parents who say they've experienced the same thing.

"There were a couple chairs set up as a bench, so we used that," said Kristin Betz, who was with her husband and two kids in Portsmouth on Thursday.

"In 2018, dads change diapers in bathrooms, so let us make that possible," said Kristin's husband, Joseph.

The Portsmouth Health Department tells NBC10 Boston that the FDA does not require restaurants to have changing tables at all. However, city leaders admit, Mau's Facebook post raises some important concerns that will likely be addressed.

"Totally stoked this is actually proving to do some good," Mau said.

NBC10 Boston has decided not to name the restaurant at the center of all this because, legally, it's done nothing wrong.

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