NH Teen Injured in Fiery Car Crash to Return Home

A Manchester teen who was miraculously rescued from a fiery car crash is coming home from the hospital this week, his parents wrote on Facebook today.

On Jan. 22, Sam Lachance, 18, survived a flame-filled explosion when his car crossed into the opposite lane and hit a tractor-trailer.

"Thanks to Sam's grit, Spaulding's skill and everyone's incredible support, we are coming home," wrote Jessica Lachance over Facebook.

Lachance's parents wrote that he has been receiving treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital for the last four weeks, and has undergone an unbelievable rehabilitation.

According to Lachance's parents, he is expected to make a full recovery.

"We are grateful beyond words," Jessica wrote over Facebook.

The original incident was recorded on video by a dashcam on the car driving behind Lachance. The occupants of the vehicle, Marc Cramer and his son John, helped get Lachance out of his vehicle and to the side of the road until emergency services arrived.

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