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No Parking, But San Francisco Condo Offers 1 Year of Unlimited Uber Rides


So what if it doesn't have parking? There's free Uber for a year.

A $799K one-bedroom condo in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood listed on Redfin promises its purchaser unlimited Uber rides as a bonus feature.

Built in 1929, the 894-square-foot property boasts dark hardwood floors, giant closets, Golden Gate views and easy access to Union Street shops and restaurants. But there is no parking.

"For many people trying to buy a home in San Francisco, the lack of a deeded parking spot is going to be dealbreaker," says a post on SFGate's On The Block. "Who wants to throw down all that money only to end up circling the block every time you take your car anywhere?"

But is lack of parking really a dealbreaker anymore? As the same post points out, "A growing segment of the city’s population isn’t too concerned with the car scene."

In the blog post "How much is a parking spot worth in S.F.?" Eugene Pak of Climb Real Estate says that Uber, Lyft and ZipCar, along with bikes and shuttles, have made people a little less dependent on cars, especially if they work in San Francisco.

"While dedicated parking is still considered a practical need, it’s also somewhat of a status symbol. I hear, more often than before, people saying they do not own a car, or they do not use their car as much as before," Pak said.

The Uber offer doesn't offer too much information, asking interested paries to "inquire for details." There's also an open house this Sunday.

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