Nor’easter Floods New Hampshire’s Seacoast

Friday's nor'easter brought powerful winds, heavy rains and flooding to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

The messy mix of weather still saw some thrill-seekers come out and bear the conditions.

"This is pretty wild," Judy Dulmaine of Worcester, Massachusetts, said. "I like it!"

"It's exciting," added Amanda Spinney. "It took us a lot to get here."

People say they were excited, but still caught off guard.

At times, rain was blowing sideways on Hampton Beach, making it hard and dangerous to get to the shore.

"Trees were falling down," said Bobby Desmond. "Lot of limbs. Lot of debris on the road."

For some people, the wild ocean waves and heavy rains were the perfect weather to go exploring.

"I'm going to get sand dollars," said Donna Pacek of Worcester. "You will see me in this wind."

Some drivers continued through the flooded streets, confident that the worst weather had passed.

"It's not bad," said Jack Murphy.

Another high tide is expected around midnight, which is expected to bring heavier flooding.

"It's very important that citizens are prepared, stay informed and follow the instructions provided by public safety officials," Perry Plummer, director of New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said in a statement. "We're expecting the storm to be somewhat problematic through three tide cycles on Friday and Saturday, each potentially causing coastal flooding. Be prepared. Know your evacuation route, be ready to leave quickly, stay informed and listen to your local safety officials."

Go to ReadyNH.gov to sign up for emergency alerts to receive location-specific emergency information and weather warnings in New Hampshire.

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