Owner of Great Danes That Mauled Dog Appeals Euthanization Order

The woman who owns the two Great Danes responsible for the mauling another dog in Bristol has appealed the state’s order to euthanize them.

Bristol Police said the Great Danes somehow got out of their fenced-in back yard on Feb. 28 and attacked the King Charles Spaniel, Ruby, on Fern Hill Road while Ruby's owners had her out for a walk.

Ruby’s owners, George and Jennifer Sinnamon, said Jennifer and their daughter walked Ruby and saw the attack happen.

“They started sniffing the mouth of the dog and then they just started taking bites out of our dog … just attacked her … bit her neck, bit her body and basically ripped her apart,” said George Sinnamon. Ruby died at the veterinarian's hospital from her injuries.

Bristol Police said one of the dogs was taken away because it is not vaccinated. It is currently under quarantine. The second Great Dane is vaccinated and is back with owner, Kristen Chipman.

NBC Connecticut stopped by Chipman's home to reach her for comment, but no one chose to speak with us.

The Sinnamons said Ruby was an important part of their life.

"She was just loving and friendly and joyful," George Sinnamon said.

While the situation has been a traumatizing one for the Sinnamons, they want Chipman to know they forgive her.

The Sinnamons said they support the decision to euthanize the Great Danes, fearing they could attack again.

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