Paramedics Deliver Christmas Miracle Baby

With the snow howling outside, Jalissa Maven Simmons couldn't wait any longer.

"I was thinking, oh not now, because, you know, it's Christmas!" she said.

But her newborn baby, due January 3rd, had other ideas.

"She is like, the baby is coming," Aykera Jean-Jacques said Monday night. "I'm like, the baby is coming, and she was like, yeah!"

Jonathon Neal, heard his wife yell for him inside their Brockton, Massachusetts home.

"I ran upstairs and seen the baby's head," Neal said. "I delivered the baby."

Brewster Ambulance paramedics Marc Bernard and Dennis Pietruszewski were rushing to the house, as the snow came down.

"We felt like we're on top of Killington for about 15 minutes," Pietruszewski said. "Every once in a while something like this comes in, and gets your blood pumping."

By the time they got to the house, they heard baby Harlem crying, a good sign.

"The father pretty much did all the hard work for us," Brockton firefighter Victor Soto-Perez said.

"By far I will remember this Christmas for a while," paramedic Alex Bailey added.

Simmons and  Harlem are resting in the hospital, tired but full of gratitude everything turns out the way it did.

"A Christmas miracle," paramedic Marc Bernard said.

"A Christmas miracle," Harlem's dad said, with a smile.

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