Parents Concerned After Bullet Holes, Spent Ammunition Found at Elementary School in Lynn

Police in Lynn, Massachusetts, say they'll have extra patrols at an elementary school this week after bullet holes and ammunition were found.

Bullet holes could be seen in the siding, through the trim, and through a window with a metal grate at Hood Elementary School in Lynn.

"It's grated screen, grated window. That's just one in a million chance it went through," said one concerned parent.

A teacher also found spent ammunition on a classroom floor.

Parents at a school meeting Monday night voiced their concerns, after getting a call from the school Monday afternoon notifying them of what happened.

Parent Bryan Basler said it was a "disturbing phone call."

"They found some holes or something like that in the school with some ammunition, so my first concern is my kids' safety," he said.

"I panicked when I got the call. It freaked me out," said another parent, Gabrielle Collins.

Superintendent Patrick Tutwiler says the ammunition was found before kids arrived to school, around 8 a.m., and they were moved out of the area for the day. No kids saw the ammunition, and no one was hurt.

"We had a great day here, a great day tomorrow and if a student is feeling uncomfortable or concerned, we have support resources on site," Tutwiler said.

Police say they're now reviewing surveillance video and are interviewing neighbors. Although some heard the gunfire, none reported it.

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