Patriots Fans Attend Rally in Atlanta Ahead of Super Bowl

Thousands of Patriots fans flooded Centennial Park in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon to attend a rally ahead of the Super Bowl.

Fans cheered "Let's go Pats!" throughout the event.

"It's been 99 days since Boston won a championship. Maybe tomorrow the Pats can end the suffering. The drought will be over. Blitz for six will be achieved," one organizer of the event said on stage.

One of the many fans in attendance was Don Cox. He is from Cape Cod and the Patriots gave him tickets to the game to thank him for his work helping military families.

"We just fed 3,600 Coast Guard families in the last 36 days," he said.

The music was pumping and the crowd was shoulder to shoulder at the rally.

All cellphones went up in the air when Robert Kraft came on stage.

"There will be more Pats fans," the owner of the team said to cheers.

And then Jonathan Kraft came on stage with a message from quarterback Tom Brady.

"Tell them for me, 'We're still here!'"

But the highlight of the hour-long rally were two stress balls tossed out to the crowd. The two who caught them were given tickets to the Super Bowl.

"The ball just came at me. I just went down and got it," Germain Patterson said.

He and his mom, Tina, are now Super Bowl bound, along with Jeffrey Demers from Southbridge.

"This is my dad's 50th birthday. I brought him for his birthday. Now we have four tickets," he said.

Centennial Park also played host to the Los Angeles Rams rally an hour earlier, but it reportedly had a smaller crowd.

The Patriots will take on the Rams in Atlanta on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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