Patriots Fans Take A Closer Look At The Lombardi Trophy

The Super Bowl win is finally settling in for Patriots Nation as fans line up to get a glimpse of the game winning Lombardi Trophy.

Fans are lining up at Patriot’s Place to get an up-close look at the trophy.

“This is the fifth one. Tom Brady’s fifth, Bellichick’s fifth, it’s just history so I have got to be part of that,” said Patriots fan Victoria Turkette.

Some fans aren’t much larger than the trophy itself, but are just as eager to see the trophy.

“Just watching it was amazing,” said young fan Alexander Bobkov. “The first half, I was just like we’re going to lose and the second half I was like we’re winning”!

Tickets cost $5.00 for children and $10.00 for adults. Along with getting a picture with the trophy, the experience includes a chance to see the game winning ball and Bill Belichick’s famous headset. 

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