Hiker on First Date Swept Away in Flash Flood

A couple was attempting to cross a swollen river hand-in-hand when they were pulled under the water

A man who was out on a first date was swept away to his death after the couple was caught in a flash flood while hiking in a mountain community east of Los Angeles, fire officials said.

As a rainstorm pummeled the Inland Empire on Tuesday, the couple attempted to cross a waist-deep river hand-in-hand near Alder and Island drives in Forest Falls, said San Bernardino County Fire Department spokesman Bret Raney.

The powerful current pulled the couple under water. She was unable to hang on to him and watched helplessly as he was swept away.

Chris Kostiuk, an off-duty San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy who was also hiking in the area, heard her screams and ran to pull her from the water.

"She said she was on a date. Just met the guy, first date," he said.

Hiker Carlos Rojas witnessed how dangerous the usually peaceful river had suddenly become.

"It is scary," he said. "We just found her in a state of shock. She was screaming for help."

Rescuers called off a search for the man after his body was found. His name was not released because his relatives had not been notified. Raney said he was in his late 20s.

The woman was reunited with her family.

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