Anonymous Person Pays Off Layaway Accounts for Over 150 Toys “R” Us Customers

Over 150 layaway accounts were settled and more than $20,000 in merchandise was paid off

An anonymous person paid the layaway accounts of about 150 people at a Toys "R" Us store in Bellingham, Massachusetts, in an act of holiday cheer that covered $20,000 in merchandise.

Emily Burlingame told NECN that she was not expecting such a random act of kindness when she she went to pay her layaway balance.

"I just went to go pay, and [the cashier] said that the 'layaway angel' took care of the balance," she said.

The mystery woman had visited the store Wednesday, Toys "R" Us said. She asked to pay off every outstanding account.

"It's a very nice surprise," Burlingame said. "Thank you to the 'layaway angel.' Very nice."

Other shoppers at the store were overjoyed when they learned what happened.

"I know the feeling of gratefulness when you get the phone call saying, 'somebody paid off your layaway,'" said Christine Roberts, who was on the receiving end of a similar gesture last year.

"It's a really, really nice thing that was done, so a big thank you, very much," Burlingame said.

Toys "R" Us told NECN the act was an incredible display of what the season is all about.

The identity of the "layaway angel" remains a mystery.

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