Personal Info From Data Breach That Impacted Lawmakers Appears on Hacker Site

Senate staffers have been briefed on the hack

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Sensitive information has been posted online from last week’s "significant data breach" of the health insurance marketplace for Washington, D.C., that affected members of Congress, according to Senate staffers briefed on the hack.

In an email to Senate offices, staffers from the Senate Intelligence Committee said they “learned that breached information is already up on one of the big hacker breach sites.”

The information is "easily accessible to folks who know how to look for it," and "includes name, address, [Social Security number], [date of birth], desk phone number, what plan you signed up for, and how much your monthly contribution is."

"This is scary," the email said.

Chris Hadnagy is a professional hacker. But he’s actually one of the good guys.

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