Peter Madsen, Danish Inventor Who Killed Journalist Kim Wall, Recaptured After Prison Break

Madsen took hostage a female prison psychologist using her as a human shield during his escape, police told reporters at a press conference

A police marksman and his dog observes convicted killer Peter Madsen threatening police with detonating a bomb while attempting to break out of jail in Albertslund, Denmark on 20 October 2020.
Nils Meilvang/Getty Images

Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who was convicted of torturing and murdering journalist Kim Wall on his homemade submarine, escaped a Copenhagen jail where he is serving a life sentence, on Tuesday.

Portrait of the journalist Kim Wall. Credit: Tom Wall.

Madsen used a female prison psychologist as a hostage during his escape, police told reporters at a press conference, adding that he forced his way out of the prison using objects resembling a gun and explosive bomb belt.

Madsen was arrested about half a mile from the prison, five minutes after police were alerted, West Copenhagen police chief Mogens Lauridsen told reporters.

No employees at the prison nor any police officers were injured during the escape or arrest, authorities said. Adding that the operation was now over and Madsen was back in custody and would be charged with attempted escape from prison.

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