PHOTOS: Animals Rescued From Filthy Conditions Inside Auburn Home

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Auburn Police Department
Animal control officials at the scene where more than 60 animals were seized after they were found living in unsanitary conditions in a home in Auburn, Massachusetts.
Auburn Police Department
Auburn police released this photo of cats found in the home on Buron Terrace.
Auburn Police Department
A sign warns the public that the building on the property is unfit for human habitation.
Auburn Police Department
A box full of puppies found by police
Auburn Police Department
Another box of puppies found by Auburn police
Auburn Police Department
The home on Buron Terrace were more than 60 dogs and cats were found living in unsanitary conditions
NBC10 Boston
Investigators and animal control officials returned to the scene on Wednesday after traps were set due to concerns that animals were hiding in the ceiling area.
NBC10 Boston Source
A photo of two puppies rescued by authorities from unsanitary living conditions in an Auburn home that was provided by an NBC10 Boston source
NBC10 Boston Source
Photo of animal control officials and investigators at the scene provided by an NBC10 Boston source
NBC10 Boston Source
Animal control officials and investigators have to suit up in protective gear before entering the residence.
NBC10 Boston Source
An Animal Rescue League of Boston ambulance at the scene to treat the rescued cats and dogs
NBC10 Boston Source
A closer look at the sign posted at 4 Buron Terrace in Auburn.
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