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Pizza Restaurant Closed for Weekend After Employees Put Laxative on Food: Police

The incident happened Friday night at Mr. Jim's Pizza in Springtown, Texas

A Parker County, Texas, pizza restaurant was closed for the weekend after an employee reportedly put laxatives on a pizza Friday, causing a coworker to get sick, police say.

The incident happened at Mr. Jim's Pizza in the 400 block of East State Highway 199 in Springtown, Texas, according to the city's police department.

Springtown police said someone notified them around 8 p.m. Friday that a Mr. Jim's employee posted on social media that they put Miralax on pizzas.

Three employees at the restaurant put Miralax on at least one pizza, which was eaten unknowingly by a coworker, police said. The employee who ate the food got sick.

Police said they questioned the three employees who made the pizza, and they denied putting laxatives on any pizzas purchased by the public.

Police said they contacted the restaurant's owner and the Springtown health inspector, who pulled Mr. Jim's health permit. The restaurant will remain closed until it is re-inspected Monday.

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