Pregnant Mom Taped Up, Held at Gunpoint; Teen Daughter Calls 911

A 16-year-old from Quincy, Massachusetts, called 911 from her bedroom Tuesday after arriving home from school to find her pregnant mother tied up and held at gunpoint by two intruders, according to police.

One suspect, 22-year-old Kevin Murphy, of Revere, has been arrested. The second suspect remains on the loose.

Police said two intruders broke in through a basement door and were holding the teen's pregnant mother at gunpoint. Quincy police Chief Paul Keenan said the woman was bound with "some kind of packaging tape."

The woman's husband, Alan Eng, owns a local store and said he kept a safe in the house, which was empty. He told necn the intruders held a gun to his wife and asked, "Where's the money?" then ransacked the house.

The couple's teenage daughter interrupted the crime.

"The younger daughter, she was the one that heard all the noise, the door kicked in and she called 911 right away," Keegan said.

The teen barricaded herself inside her bedroom on Presidents Lane in Quincy and called for help.

Dispatcher: Hun, can you hear them or see them?
Victim: I can hear them.
Dispatcher (to police): She can hear them. She's hiding.
Dispatcher (to teen): Where are you hiding?
Victim: In my room.
Dispatcher: Your in your room?
Victim: I locked the door.
Dispatcher: You locked the door?
Victim: Please hurry, I think they're hurting her.

Quincy police said officers arrived at the home around 3:30 p.m. The teen was able to direct them to the house in time for officers to see Murphy running away. Authorities chased him three blocks and arrested him.

Murphy was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, and home invasion. Authorities said more charges are possible. It's not clear if Murphy has hired an attorney.

A firearm was recovered at the scene, but police said it's unclear which suspect had the gun.

Eng wasn't home at the time but said he's proud of his daughter's quick thinking.

"Very scary, but she did a good job," he said.

His wife, who's carrying the couple's third child, is still very much shaken.

"She is very scared; she's been crying a lot," he said. "I tried to calm her down on the phone."

Police describe the suspect on the loose as a tall man wearing a black ski mask, a black puffy jacket and possibly boots. Quincy police said it's unclear what the suspects got away with, if anything.

No one was injured and police said they don't believe the crime was random.

Stay with necn and as this story develops. 

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