Police Investigate Methuen Mailbox Explosion

Neighbors along a residential street in Methuen, Massachusetts, say they were jolted out of bed by an explosion early Wednesday morning.

Police say a mailbox was blown up on Garfield Street around 2 a.m.

"It appeared it was some high powered firework that exploded inside of the mailbox," said Methuen Police Det. Sgt. Thomas McMenamon Jr.

The impact was so great that a whole row of boxes were damaged, as was a car across the street.

Neighbor Krystal Diaz said the whole base of the box actually flew off.

"I checked out the car and said, 'What could have hit that?'" she recalled. "And it was actually the lid of the mailbox."

Neighbors say a couple with two kids lives in the home.

"Young teenage kids, they haven't been in the neighborhood that long, they moved in probably within a couple of years," said Bob Sevigny. "It's been typically a very quiet neighborhood."

Police say the family was targeted, and they're now working leads to find out why.

They say they're taking this seriously and are just thankful no one was hurt.

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