Police Looking for Vandal Who Damaged Mailboxes, Stole Mail in Litchfield, NH

Litchfield, New Hampshire police are looking for a man they say damaged residents' mailboxes and stole some people's mail.

Police say the man vandalized the mailboxes with his car.

Residents have reported damaged mailboxes on Westview Road, Duck Pond Circle, Windsor Drive, Carlisle Drive, Hanover Court, and Brandy Circle.

Lionel Constant has lived on Duck Pond in Litchfield for 30 years. He said his block is typically quiet, but that wasn’t the case on Tuesday.

“The person was speeding, coming up here because I could hear the car rivering,” Constant said. “He jammed his breaks on. I heard him stop over here, but he didn’t actually stop. He started speeding and he fishtailed around the cul-de-sac right here.”

Constant said the driver went from mailbox to mailbox.

“My next door neighbor is the one that told me that our mailboxes were broken,” he said.

Constant described the man as having a beard, rough looking and driving an older car.

Jacob Tremblay lives around the corner from Constant. His mailbox was vandalized, as well.

"He completely took out all the attachments to it and I guess just destroyed it," Tremblay said.

Litchfield police said they believe the same man committed another another crime in addition to the mailboxes.

"A male subject who had kicked in a window and was attempting to enter the library," Captain Benjamin Sergent said.

Police say they do have one piece of the puzzle in custody, the car that the man was driving. Police officers found the car at a gas station in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Litchfield police say they plan to issue a warrant for the man's arrest once they complete their investigation.

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