Officials: Man Kills Wife, Jumps Out 9th-Story Window

Authorities are investigating after they say a man fatally stabbed his wife before jumping out of a ninth-story window in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

According to officials, 45-year-old Christine Giordano made it down to the lobby of the Colonial Point apartment building on Audubon Road. When responders arrived, she was found alive with multiple stab wounds.

She later died from her injuries.

Her husband, Daniel Burns, died after jumping from a window on the ninth floor of the 12-story building.

"I looked out my window, cause I face the other side of the building, and I saw the body. It was under a white tarp," said tenant Jack Riggio. "I saw the blood stain in the lobby."

Investigators say Burns had been living in the building with a relative. According to authorities, he and Giordano were in the process of separating, but that they had come together to try and reconcile.

Several residents told necn they have been worried about security at the building, though that may not have prevented this tragedy.

"We used to have a security guard on here every day. Then they dropped it down to weekends, and then the weekends were nonexistent," said tenant Norma Powell. "So if anything happens on the weekend, there's no way you can get hold of anybody to help you."

"This is certainly an act of domestic violence," said Wakefield Police Chief Rick Smith. "As proactive as we try to be to prevent and educate about domestic violence, these things do happen. Unfortunately, they do happen."

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