Police Nab Alleged Toll Evading Trucker in Maine

A Maine truck driver suspected of racking up over $1,300 in unpaid tolls on the Maine Turnpike for up to six years was arrested Thursday, according to state police.

Danny Olson, 61, of Turner, is accused of attaching license plates not belonging to him and avoiding $1,300 in tolls in Maine and accumulating thousands of dollars more in unpaid tolls from other northeast states.

Olsen used one license plate belonging to a man who died and when troopers pulled over his truck they found other license plates not registered to him.

He is charged with several crimes, including theft of services which is a felony.

Maine State Police are in the process of contacting other states regarding Olson not paying tolls.

Olson paid his bail and was released from jail overnight. It is not clear if he has a lawyer.

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