Owner of Plainville Animal Shelter Charged With 24 Counts of Animal Cruelty

The owner of a Plainville shelter that authorities removed animals from in December has been arrested on 24 counts of animal cruelty and turned herself in to police after a warrant was issued for her.

Police started investigating Meda Talley, the owner of AlmostHome, in December when they received complaints about the animal rescue and shelter.

Authorities removed 20 dogs, 23 cats, a rabbit and a hamster from the shelter, with help from Farmington animal control because so many animals had to be moved out.

At the time, Plainville Police Lt. Eric Peterson called the conditions inside "unsuitable" for so many animals, even if they were just there temporarily.

The arrest warrant says the smell of urine and feces in the kennel area was "overwhelming," and says 24 animals were dirty or sick.

Some dogs had feces caked to his rear end, some had upper repiratory infections and some had fractured bones, according to the warrant.

In December, Talley refused to comment at the time, but her many helpers said the closing is uncalled for.

She posted bond. NBC Connecticut tried to reach her on Monday, but could not.

The town has also filed a separate civil suit, seeking about $17,000 from Almost Home.

Town manager Robert Lee said $8,000 is for veterinarian bills and the rest is for all the overtime costs of taking care of the animals since the December raid.

Robert Ziegler, the attorney for Almost Home, says they’ll be filing a lawsuit against the town.

“In the petition, they named Meda Talley individually and they should have never done so. They knew it was a corporation. It was a charitable 501C3 coorporation, but they named  Meda Talley, an individual, the defendant in the action,” Ziegler said.

Talley will be arraigned on March 7.

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