Police Ramping Up Patrols for Release of New ‘Joker’ Film

Police departments across the country are ramping up patrols at movie theaters for the premiere of the new “Joker” film.

Boston police tell NBC10 Boston they’re aware of the movie’s release and that they already regularly monitor activity at movie theaters. However, they would not specify whether they plan to increase patrols.

The film depicts the life of a social outcast struggling with mental health who turns to violence. Authorities are concerned the film mirrors real life tragedies, including recent mass shootings across the country. Seven years ago, James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded many others during the premiere of another Batman-related film in Colorado.

Moviegoers in Boston say they welcome the police presence.

“I definitely think in today’s age it probably is necessary, especially with some of the topics the film covers, like mental health,” Arshan Mizani said.

Mizani’s brother agreed.

“If you have people who are on sight and prepared to take action and they have the resources, why not,” Arman Mizani said.

“Joker” premieres Friday.

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