Police Say There's No Sign Kitten Found Dead in Naugatuck Was Run Over

Naugatuck Police

Naugatuck police investigated after getting reports that a kitten found dead was abandoned and run over and said there were no signs that the kitten was struck and the animal could have been feral.

Police initially said a person in a white vehicle left two kittens on Hunters Mountain Road around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, drove off, running over one of the kittens, killing it.

On Wednesday, police said they had received a call from a person who owns a white car who said he saw one kitten that looked like it was sleeping and another walking nearby, stopped to check on them and saw that one kitten was dead. Then he left.

Police then checked back with the witness who reported having seen a white car in the road.

The person did not see a person by the car before the driver left and could not verify that the person in the car had released the kittens or ran one over, police said.

Animal control saw the deceased kitten, which had signs of being dead before the white car arrived. They did not see any signs that the kitten has been run over or struck by a vehicle, police said.

It's not clear what caused the kitten's death and whether it was a pet or feral.

The surviving kitten was taken to Naugatuck's animal control facility where it is in good health.

Both kittens are described as brown, domestic short-haired tabbies, each 5-6 weeks old. The surviving kitten is male.

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