Police Seek Suspects in New Hampshire Vandalism Spree

Manchester Police said damage is estimated at $11,000

Police are asking for the public's help in finding the suspects behind dozens of acts of vandalism in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"It's just a shame it happens here," said Neal Brown standing by a fence wrecked by vandals. "Close to Christmas, as well. It's the last think you really need."

Weeks before Miranda Lane's baby was born, someone shattered the back windshield of her car. It cost her and her husband hundreds of dollars to replace.

"We actually had to use money we were going to use for something for (the baby) to replace the windshield," said Lane.

Lane is not alone.

Manchester Police say in all, 45 families in the north end have been affected by these vandals in the last few weeks.

"Most likely there are more than one individual involved," said Lt. Brian O'Keefe of the Manchester Police Department.

The cost in damages has reached beyond $11,000 and it's expected to settle around $20,000 as more families come forward.

"These are felony level cases, so prank or not, if it was my home being damaged, I don't think it's very comical at all," said O'Keefe.

A vandal was caught on Rob McGruff's home surveillance system ripping down his Christmas lights. There's an apparent get away car waiting in the back of the picture.

"It's a disrespect factor," said McGruff. "We all work hard for what we do... we didn't get here driving around throwing rocks at people's windows."

Another home was hit along Union Street. That's where parts of a fence were picked off while some panels were shoved to the ground. It cost about $500 to repair.

Anyone with additional information is urged to contact Manchester Police Detective Justin Breton at 603-792-5509.

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