Police Warn of Thieves Stealing Packages from Doorsteps

Police in Vernon are issuing a warning about thieves who want to steal packages off your doorstep. 

On Saturday, a man was captured on surveillance video stealing a package from a home on Village Street in Vernon. 

Police said they’ve seen an increase in package thefts in recent years and encourage residents to have packages delivered to a workplace, if allowed, or to a trusted family member or friend. 

Lt. William Meier said you can also choose in-store pickup and pick-up your item at the store, as many retailers are now offering. 

Meier said, if you choose to purchase surveillance cameras, do your research and make sure the video quality is good enough to capture the bandits. 

“We also ask that folks keep an eye out, that they be alert. If they see something suspicious in their neighborhood, something that doesn’t look right, please give us a call so it can be investigated,” Meier said. 

People who live along Village Street were shocked by the theft and have some words for the thief. 

“It doesn’t belong to them. You know, if you want something you should work for it and respect other people’s privilege to work,” said Cheryl Tigno, who lives on Village Street. 

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